Communities and Services



There are altogether 3 canteens in Zhijiang campus. Three canteens are housed in the different building. Qunxian Canteen offers many sorts of Chinese local dishes and fast food. Menghu Canteen mainly offers Chinese fast food. 

In Xueyuan Canteen, you can order fast food on the first floor and there are more dishes for your choice on the second and third floor. In the Canteen on the first and second floor like in a buffet students can choose dishes to their taste. Canteen on the third floor offers fast food and local cuisine of various places inChina. In Canteen on the third floor you are provided with a wide range of choices from noodles, dumplings to many other Chinese food. 

 In the Canteens , Campus Card is required and please do not pay with cash. 


There is one supermarket under the library.

Beverages Vending Machine

Several vending machines have been installed in Teaching buildings and dormitories from which students and teachers can buy beverages with cash or through Mobile-Payment.

Postal Service

Postal Office is in theSouth Gate.

Cash Withdrawal and Deposit

ATMs in Campus offer services of cash deposit and withdrawal.

ICBC: ATMs in front of the Xueyuan canteen are for cash deposit and withdrawal.

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